Vegan KILLER: 15 Reasons NOT To Eat Oil, EVER!

Here are 15 causes subsidized with science as to why we will have to steer clear of eating any oils as a vegan (or another way. Though the animal merchandise want to cross too!)

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31 thoughts on “Vegan KILLER: 15 Reasons NOT To Eat Oil, EVER!”

  1. Not only have I been cooking with it, I’ve been using olive oil on popcorn and bread in place of butter…and pouring it in rather generous amounts on my salads almost every day. Oops. I’m vegan for the animals but of course I still care about health. Did I mention I have a family member who died of a heart attack at 56? According to my grandma though he ate steak 5 times a week sooooo….

  2. I'll certainly be watching my oil intake after watching this. However, as with everything I'm still going to consume in moderation. Cooking makes me happy and to some extent I have to consider whether this extended life of discipline is going to be a happy life of discipline…

  3. Maybe a stupid question, but what salad dressing do you use that isn’t oil based? I’m trying to eat more salads but I love dressing and I don’t want to have to cut it out entirely

  4. I've just seen a few of your videos about oil… well, as a British Indian, for almost 37 years I've been eating curries which had numerous tablespoons of oil in them. I was vegetarian for 27 years (I didn't eat eggs or anything containing eggs either), and I've been vegan for 3 years. As of this year I've made the choice to switch to a whole food plant based diet for the remainder of my days. I'm happy to say that after watching your videos today, I've decided that the last meal I'll eat with oil… was the one I ate yesterday. That's it for me as far as oil goes. Today was a little awkward to cook dahl without oil… but I know that I'll get used to it.

    Thanks again Paul. I'm sure that in upcoming months and years, my thankfulness will only multiply.

  5. Hello, could you link the study about Angina and lactesence again? I think you accidentally linked the one about trans fats in non-hydrogenated oils twice. Loved the video! 🙂

  6. I use Grapeseed oil and Avacado oil to mix with my essential oils to apply them to my skin. I am wondering if this has any effect like it would with ingesting the oil. Hmmmm…..

  7. Thanks Paul, I am trying to reduce the oil I use after watching your videos (I am afraid that before that I genuinely thought that extra virgin oil was some kind of healthy food). Does anybody have any suggestion on how to cook anything "battered", for example banana blossoms ? I tried oven baking them but the coating turned hard as stone! It's not something I eat everyday, but would be nice to find an alternative cooking method for that..

  8. It takes squeezing about 1375 olives to get enough oil for one bottle you'd typically find in a shop.

    Would I wanna eat that many olives?

    I'll just stick to cooking with water. 🌊

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