Thank you for looking at our ear wax removing video nowadays. The ear wax extraction featured in todays video was once performed the use of endoscopic microsuction. This process makes use of a small digicam known as an endoscope to visualize throughout the ear canal while a small suction tube is inserted to softly take away ear wax.

We too can use different equipment to take away laborious ear wax, overseas our bodies, peeling useless skin or for ear an infection removing.

All the ear wax cleansing videos you spot on our channel are performed by way of our ear wax specialist and important audiologist Mr Rhys Barber.

We put up new ear cleansing videos each Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at 9PM GMT so if you happen to in finding ear wax removing fulfilling please believe subscribing to our channel.

Ear wax performs a very important function in ear well being. It is helping to forestall ear an infection and is helping with ear cleansing by way of selecting up any dust or particles that accumulates within the ear canal. Normally this ear wax would fall out of the ear taking any dust or particles with it.

How to take away ear wax?

Many folks use q-pointers/cotton buds for ear wax removing at house this is likely one of the worst issues you’ll be able to put into the ear as this may end up in an greater ear wax buildup or in excessive circumstances impacted ear wax. The very best manner to take away ear wax is to let your ears blank themselves and to not put the rest smaller than your elbow to your ears!

How do I do know if I’ve an earwax blockage?

If you enjoy a transformation to your listening to, discomfort within the ear or jaw or a sense of fullness within the ear canal you could have an ear wax blockage. Our recommendation is to talk in your Doctor or native Audiologist who can have a look to your ears and assess whether or not ear cleansing is wanted.

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  1. I had to laugh when you brought out the Jobson Horn! Earlier today I was working on a game app that is similar to crossword puzzles. One of the clues had to do with Mighty Mouse and my brain went straight to you and the Jobson. So much so I kept misspelling my answer! Lol

  2. Rhys, you are such a caring person. You care about your patients, you care about your staff, and you care about us. Thank you for being a phenomenal person! ❤

  3. Dr Barber, if you say just under a quarter inch in length that's close enough. If you can find a close eighth go for that, 3/8 or 7/8 for example, otherwise quarter inches are close enough for most Americans.

    It's funny, I find myself turning my head to try to get a better view and holding my breath when the wax is being stubborn. I keep reminding myself to breathe sometimes! Lol

  4. Omgosh!!! I can't believe I forgot the days your posting now and that's why I'm so late 😩
    Nice video Rhys. Good job. 👍
    Hope you all have a very Happy Easter and you can get a little rest.
    Take Care and stay safe. 🙏🕊💜🕊

  5. Hi Rhys and Mrs. B! Awesome video! I am sure they feel much better after having all of that crud extracted. Wow! Great job 👏. Thank you so much for sharing.✌️❤️🙏🇨🇦

  6. How do you hold the camera? Do you hold it the whole time or is it mounted on something so that both of your hands are free to remove the wax. I remember you discussing that you need to be ready if a patient jumped so I assumed you are using both hands. Please demonstrate when you have time.

  7. Can I get some advice? My 9 year old boy has been suffering wirh vey sticky wax for a long time now. Ive been back and forth to the drs to try an get it sorted but to no avail, all they keep doing is giving me olive oil which does NOT work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If you do read this then thank you in advance.

  8. I love the whole change in your tone and attitude as the years have gone by! I love the animated way you talk and the way you’re able to describe EXACTLY what is going on!!! These videos always keep me at the edge of my seat 😁

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