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It begins with the ozonation of chilly-pressed, Organic Extra Virgin olive oil from Greece. Our ozone generator is powerful–made to resist the cruel process. See, because the ozone bubbles into the oil, it solidifies, inflicting rigidity to the inner parts of ozone turbines. To the robust ozone generator, we upload an oxygen concentrator succesful generating of 95% oxygen. The aggregate of an impressive ozone generator, oxygen concentrator, and the best of chilly-pressed, Organic Greek Extra Virgin olive oil creates a purer shape of ozonated oil. We upload completely not anything else to the product–no chemical components. Our ozonated olive oil is the end result of this procedure.

Pick between our 50 ml (somewhat over an oz and a part) or our 100 ml (somewhat over 3 oz) bottle. You might ask how lengthy it’s going to ultimate, particularly if you’re bearing in mind the 100 ml bottle. If you retailer the Atelier de l’Ozone – France ozonated olive oil in a fridge, you’ll be able to be expecting it to carry the ozone for as much as six months. Stored within the freezer, we now have but to look it lose its efficiency. We estimate that the ozonated olive oil will take years to lose the ozone within the freezer.

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3 thoughts on “Video of Ozonated Olive Oil – A2z Ozone's Atelier de l'Ozone – France

  1. John Stimpson says:

    Yours is very clear, not unlike Vaseline. Im experimenting with high ozone and xtra virgin olive oil, creating a thick white cream, overnight. Is it ok to assume the whiter, the better?.

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