What Is The Best Olive Oil? Olive Oil Review!

What is the most efficient olive oil? Is it extra virgin? What is EVOO? Are their pretend olive oils? Is the mafia controlling the olive oil business? I will be able to evaluate some superb olive oils, all readily to be had and beneath $20! Get probably the most from your olive oil!

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0:00 Intro
2:20 Why do olive oils style other?
3:25 What makes olive oil sour?
4:00 Is olive oil pretend or corrupted?
4:45 What is extra virgin olive oil?
5:42 Which olive oil tastes easiest?
7:34 The tasting
14:09 Best 3 olive oils

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23 thoughts on “What Is The Best Olive Oil? Olive Oil Review!”

  1. This was a very enjoyable video. Thanks for sharing. Personally I happen to love California Olive Ranch. They make a 100% California oil that’s quite lovely and often fairly buttery. I’m eager to try the Braggs! BTW, I would really love to find an extra virgin olive oil made entirely out of black olives. I know it’s not as shelf-stable, but if I could find one, I’d be all about it. Do you happen to know of one? Cheers

  2. George, I love the content on your channel. I watched at least 20 videos in a row until I couldn't look at my screen anymore lol. Your curiosity with researching origins of food is inspiring, and I really appreciate the time and work you put into every video. Seeing the core knowledge and honesty behind your resources gives me hope in a world full of facts with no basis. I'm looking forward to more content, and hopefully will visit your restaurant some day! I want to know, and think about this every video, how do you have so many FIRE neon signs that set the scene for each topic? Do you purchase them in advance? Do you know someone that makes neon signs? They add an amazing aspect to your content, and they leave me with curiosity. Maybe that's the point, but I can't help but ask! Love you, keep on!

  3. Keywords >>"make sure"and how are you going to make sure as to the EXACT contents and accuracy of the labeling?Typically you would have better luck just looking at the price because it is very expensive to make really good Olive oil however even the price is no guarantee.IDK the quality of any of those Oilve oils so for all the viewer knows every one of those Oilve oils might be useless or near useless from a health viewpoint.

  4. There is only ONE certain way to know the quality of your Olive oil and that is if you live near a plant that you also know is not using a lot of processing and just destroying the benefits of olive oils.You also want to know what is going into the soil and if any chemical sprays are used etc etc there is sooooooooooooooooooo much wrong in our food industry it is sickening and making people sick.

  5. A little burn on the back of the throat is a good sign. The color can be manipulated by adding chlorophyll, so color is never an indication of quality.
    Also… please share with us an address or give us a link where we can purchase the olive oil from Greece that you love. I used to get my oil from the Olive Oil Lady online. But it seems that she's no longer in business. The oil came directly from Greece from an olive grove owned by her family. I'm now using olive oil certified from California and the Kirkland brand from Tuscany… super excellent oils.

  6. Have you tried , Dr. Gundry’s Olive Oil?
    From Morocco rich in polyphenols

    I take it each mornings and evening in a 1 oz shot with 1/2 oz of lemon juice . It has done wonders to my digestive system but aside from that I really enjoy the flavor when adding lemon , with out lemon it is kinda complex to explain the flavor…

  7. Appreciate the insights about olive oil (including the way tins affect the taste), appreciate the straightforward reviews of each oil, love the sweatshirt, love that you're from LI.

  8. From Peru I usually consume the Filippo Berio. Sometimes its mild taste made me suspect that it was not Extra Virgin. What do you think is the reason for this "softer" flavor?

  9. I have followed some other olive oil connoisseurs and it is bad to have blended oils from different countries. You should stick to an oil from one country. Also the greener the olive and type of olive, the higher levels of polyphenols which is gives you the health benefits. If it is peppery with sting, that IS what you want.

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