What needs to be done to make global industry go green? | DW News

Humanity should cooperate on reducing carbon emissions or face a bleak long term, UN leader Antonio Guterres advised the outlet of the COP27 local weather summit on Monday. The two-day amassing of global leaders opened in Cairo, with hopes of substantive growth dimmed due to the present geopolitical stress and financial volatility. Guterres referred to as for a pact between the sector’s richest and poorest nations to boost up a shift from fossil fuels to selection power assets. He referred to as for extra speedy supply of finances to lend a hand much less prosperous countries cut back emissions, and to buffer them in opposition to the unavoidable affect of local weather exchange.


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27 thoughts on “What needs to be done to make global industry go green? | DW News

  1. Southern Stables Automotive says:

    It's not like i don't believe… I do without doubt. But let me ask this. If we cannot as humanity agree on even the simplest of truths and lies such as de-nazification, the rights of a sovereign Taiwan, whether an election in arguably the most free and democratic society on earth was "stolen" or not. What do you think the chances are that we as a unified race of man are likely to counter what we have created? If there is to be success, it would be through education and truth. It is unfortunate that that window has been squarely missed by a century or so. A planet? My God, we cannot save ourselves from ourselves yet a planet. I applaud the hopeful, for whatever the hopeful may say

  2. Madison bad Doberan says:

    Gutteras should resign. He has a lousy personality does not speak with enthusiasm and no one cares what he says. His voice is silent and he speaks as though he really does not care. Male version of Melanie Trump. I really don’t care. He is worth over 200 million dollars. I wonder how much he actually invests in petroleum? He is a total farce.

  3. Idolly says:

    Ai Technology should be harnessed for every human on earth, so everyone has a vote and not by a few rich individuals! Let us harness the masses! So we can change the world for a better future our next generation can live on!

  4. 202 50 says:

    Such foolish foolish people. This is an "agenda" not a global crisis. By the way, what ever happened to that Ice Age we were heading for……or do you not remember the 1970's?

  5. Gazr Gazr says:

    What about all the trees these so called developing countries are felling for charcoal to cook with for their shell out as many kids as they can population crisis⁉

  6. S R says:

    Ha ha ha… Yeh, we have the droughts of the 16/1700s and no doubt will have the flooding of the same period, marked very clearly around Germany with markers twice that of anything in the last 100yrs. Those pesky middle ages with their wood fired cooking started all this

  7. Happy Melon says:

    But US UK EU are complaining India 😅 and enjoy manufacturing product that contaminate China.

    The top 3 culprits: If western people uphold every human on earth have the equal rights.

    Carbon Emissions per capita:

    Canada 18.51

    Australia 17.10

    United States 15.52

    Russia 11.44

    China 7.38

    India 1.91

    Source: worldometers…

  8. charlie says:

    127 homes burned in our small, mountain town last summer, and more and more wells are going dry. But, fossil fuel companies own our US politicians. So, we won’t do anything to address the climate crisis till it is too late

  9. Richard Stuczynski says:

    The UN. Completely ineffectual. Useless. Yap, yap, yap. Nothing gets done. Tell you what, take all the money spent there and all the personnel and repurpose them to tackling climate change. Let's see how that works.

  10. 배형일 says:

    I don’t understand why people say climate. climate is not a condition of environment but primary premise of all. climate is not human’s business. human is just can live in the range of climate allow. I hope climate campaign is practiced after knowing perfectly what climate is. Claiming something with not knowing is often done for corrupt political purposes.

  11. Dam-a-fence says:

    "What needs to be done to make global industry go green?"

    A question as a title.

    What needs to be done is, localization.
    Neighbor love, so to speak.

    Yes, I'm advising an embrace of that lunatic you live next to.

    Awful, isn't it?

  12. emteiks says:

    Where are the solutions to climate problem? I hear only warnings and threats from world leaders. Their job is to provide solutions, they fail to do it for decades.

  13. Norman Wells says:

    It has passed imagined tipping points on dozens of occasions and each time it was claimed it would be too late. If they were telling the truth it is too late now so our efforts should be on mitigation. If they were lying, they should be eliminated.

  14. Kevin Sullivan says:

    I believe the world is in serious trouble. If the SEVERITY OF LIVING (SOL) was measured on a scale of 1-10, I would think we are at about a 2 right now. Every decade the number on the scale will go up by 1. That is a model I just dreamed up now, but it's easy to understand.
    The biggest problem we have I think is society in general. Many of us like to do some good in this world, but at what cost? People line up to help when the job is at someone else's cost, but when they themselves have to pay for it, not so much. If we keep going the way things are going, middle aged people will not likely have to suffer too much before they die.
    People between the age of 20 to 30 years of age will be at level 4 or 5 of SOL in just 20 years, and they will be experiencing things that will make them severely uncomfortable in this world. Children under the age of 10 years old will be at level 6 or 7 on the SOL scale by the time they retire, and their grandchildren will be at level 10, and they will truly be SOL.

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