When Your Money Tree Gets Big! | Money Tree Plant Care 101

Today’s video is all concerning the Money Tree, or Pachira aquatica. We lately have those vegetation to be had on planterina.com. These prime interesting vegetation are generally braided in teams of five. You can un-braid those vegetation, with leads to a fantastic sculptural plant silhouette.

Money Tree plant care is unusually easy. This indoor plant will have to by no means be over-watered, and it prefers to stick moderately dry. All of the brand new expansion begins on the most sensible of this plant, which ends up it its tree-like look!

I’ve an extra-large Money Tree plant this is about 4 ft tall, and I’m chopping it again to propagate it and lend a hand the tree to bush out slightly. These houseplants like prime humidity and to be fertilized within the spring. If you might be in search of vegetation that may develop giant, this could be your plant as it will probably transform VERY tall.

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35 thoughts on “When Your Money Tree Gets Big! | Money Tree Plant Care 101”

  1. Anything in particular about the soil it prefers? I got one about 6-8 months ago and it's a fat stump with leaves growing off if it. I kept it in the pot it came with but think I should change it. I just see moss on the top of it.

  2. I only have one leggy stem left in the plant. The plant is kept in front of a north facing window and I water it every 4-5 days. I have changed the soil a few months ago. The only new foliage that comes out is at the very top and I cannot prune because it only has one stem. Help!!!!!

  3. Hello, love the video and the information you shared. I did not know about the humidity factor but will now include that. Do I need to braid the stalks? I've had the plant for 3 years and it has grown from a small version to almost 4 ft tall. It is full, and gets great afternoon sunlight. Do you suggest braiding the stems?

  4. Anong all the videos on youtube about money tree your video is the best and informative. Thanks
    I have a question my money tree got a disease with sticky leaves and list all the leaves
    Would you please tell me how to save my plant
    Should i just trim the branches in green stems or above the woody and braided part

  5. Anyone know how to make a money tree grow taller?

    Mine is putting out branches with leaves but theres not a lot of trunk space (height) between them as they keep coming in. My tree is becoming very bushy and the branches from the other trunks are all running into each other. And tips would be helpful

  6. Great video! I have a money tree that was given to my late husband so needless to say I want to keep it going. You mentioned fertilizer during the growing season, when is the growing season and what type of fertilizer do you recommend? 
    I recently moved to SW Florida and the plant has taken off! (humidity!!!)
    Sometimes I get leaves that turn brown and fall off also they tend to curl up, what's that due to?

  7. I love this – "3's and 5's are lucky numbers!" Except this one that has 4. Which is arguably the most unlucky number in Asian culture! Hahahaha

  8. My money tree has it's home in my bathroom. The bad is little or no direct light at all. It's getting bigger and now I'm worried about the branches getting to big for it's base, since the leads have been cut. I guess they do this to stem it's growth?

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