Whetstone Sharpening Mistakes that Most Beginners Make

You’ve picked up your first whetstone, watched 15 other polishing videos, began polishing the knife, and feature goals of in spite of everything appearing that boastful paper who is boss, except for whilst you pass to slice, it occurs once more. The paper rips and it seems like your knife is worse off than sooner than. This is a commonplace story for lots of starting freehand sharpeners, so on this video, I’m going to spot 4 polishing errors maximum newbie’s make, after which provide you with a method for remedying the ones.

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36 thoughts on “Whetstone Sharpening Mistakes that Most Beginners Make”

  1. Very informative. As a woodworker, I've mastered sharpening gouges, chisels, and plane irons, but I've never been good at sharpening knives for the kitchen. I'm working on that now and this video will be a great help.

  2. Oh, and by the way. I've been making the pickled red onions for months now after seeing your video. I haven't tried them on a peanut butter sandwich yet, but on just about everything else. Love them, especially on tacos.

  3. Nice stash…just starting to watch….so please excuse my intermittent responses!
    Cheers 🍻 🇨🇦❤️

    @ 1:39 you have 3 stones…
    Dude I want 1…sorry I'm out!!

  4. when removing the burr, as you showed, only use a trailing stroke (i.e. move the blade so the edge is on the trailing side, not leading). And when polishing with fine stones, only use trailing strokes, never leading strokes.

  5. Such a bad video cutting. He prepares a pink piece of paper and then when he slices it to demonstrate the knife is sharpened incorrectly, in the next shit, the paper turn blue.

  6. Thank you sir that was a fantastic video concise straight to the point. No bollocks no BS. Most of the time I get discouraged from even watching YouTube videos because a lot of guys like to take their time go slow and just really put a lot of unnecessary crap in their videos you did exactly the opposite subscribed thanks bro

  7. Never read any instructions or watch any videos about sharpening and got my knife razor sharp first try with a wet stone sharpener just using common sense and physics… Also tried those automatic ones you just pull your knife trough but that just ruined the knife not sharpening it at all.

  8. I had a U.S. Marine "my grandfather"
    Teach me how to sharpen my knife. It's simple, efficient and my knife always holds a great edge.
    Always remember is much easier to keep a knife sharp rather than trying to sharpen a dull knife

  9. This vid helped a lot! I didn't even know of the lower grits lol. I've been a cook for 5 years and kept buying only high grit stones and wore the crap out of them only to have semi sharp knives.

  10. Beginner here, I have a few straight razors I want to maintain. I learned how to sharpen my axes and I know that's a different game all and of itself. It helps when you can see the angle. the idea was start on something bigger, maybe more simpler to get a feel for it then work my way down to knifes and razors. The Motivation that started it all is my wife's dad (who has now passed) Had a knife set for as long as she remembers, so the idea that I can maintain and take care of them like he did will make her happy im sure. Anyway thankyou for this video Im sure im making all the beginner mistakes one could make and probably invented a few of my own along the way

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