Why Moroccans Love Clay-Pot Tangia, ft. Abir

Tangia is a dish that initially will get its identify from a tall, urn-like clay pot. Not to be at a loss for words with tagine—every other form of cooking vessel—it’s a wealthy meat-based dish native to Marrakech, and served with an aspect of bread or couscous. It originated as an outdoor Food that used to be traditionally cooked in ashes underground. Insider’s Medha Imam heads out to Nomad within the East Village with Abir, a Moroccan American artist, to take a look at out tangia with an aspect of couscous, see how the long-lasting dish is made in present-day and be told why it is culturally important.

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Why Moroccans Love Clay-Pot Tangia, toes. Abir

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38 thoughts on “Why Moroccans Love Clay-Pot Tangia, ft. Abir”

  1. Where is this restaurant located? I remember Mehenni from NYC, and I did not see him for more than 25 years. Please advise where is this restaurant located. Thanks

  2. loved this so much except for them saying friends pitch in to buy the meal. no never lol also, now I miss Morocco and hammam 🥰🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  3. I had both lamb and chicken tanjia in Morocco. I loved the chicken and lemon rind preparation, both are exquisite to be sure. Highly recommended.

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