Why Palm Oil Is So Cheap

Palm oil is reasonable and ubiquitous. It’s utilized in hundreds of on a regular basis merchandise and is essentially the most broadly fed on vegetable oil on the earth. You can get a kilo of palm oil for simply $2. But its utilization has grow to be unsurprisingly arguable, as large spaces of rainforest were minimize down or burned to make approach for palm plantations. So, why is that this oil nonetheless so cost effectively and readily to be had?

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Why Palm Oil Is So Cheap

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45 thoughts on “Why Palm Oil Is So Cheap”

  1. Do you want to see why our emission are high, this part of it, and guess what, this is part of the sustainability plan in big business. I stopped using oil in many types of dinner we prepare.

  2. I think the title of this video needs to be re-done. This video is less about why Palm oil is so cheap and more about potential impact on the environment.

  3. Because indonesia didn't invite by WTO to determine a price in international market…this is theft and colonialsm…

    And now indonesia bans to export palm oil….palm oil is our mine

  4. The post in 2 years old back then.. let’s check how “cheap” now after Indonesia Govt banned the export until the next policy to release it again.

  5. These guys are complaining about deforestation but those cleared lands will be planted with palm trees. So no deforestation will happen. The land will still have trees. Palm trees in particular.

  6. Did you know that sunflower planting area used to be forest too?

    The reason the west only focus on palm oil mainly due to palm oil is planted in many developing countries and 3rd world nations. These countries are just starting to industrialize their farming, which needs large area. The west already long passed this stage: Deforesting to make ways for crops being planted in mass.

  7. palm oil is VERY EFFICIENT though. If you ban palm oil, companies or whoever will still use other oils. And along with it EVEN MORE destruction of space or wtv to plant the plants they want their oil from. You have to completely ban usage of any oil from plants to prevent 'destruction' of trees or space or deforestation or whatnot.

  8. you guys are litrelly saying that poor people should starve to death because some westners said so. while they are the one who is emmiting big chunk of CO2 and causing deforestation

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