Why Seed Oils Are Toxic and Bad for Health (2024)

Why Seed Oils Are Toxic?

We always hear about how Seed Oils are Bad for you, but why?
– Because they are Oxidized Omega 6 Fatty Acids that cause Inflammation!

How do they get oxidized?
– They are Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs) which become unstable when
exposed to Heat & Oxygen. The nasty Factory Process makes them Oxidized.

– Seed Oil List (Grapeseed, Canola, Corn, Vegetable, Margarine- Fake Butter, Soy,
Sunflower, Cottonseed, Ricebran, Peanut, Shortening – Fake Lard) Rich in Linoleic Acid.
and also avoid “Hydrogenated” which have Trans-fats.

1. May Cause Insulin Resistance!
– Harder to Lose Body Fat, Insulin Signaling Problems, Can’t Progress on Keto

2. May cause Liver & Kidney Problems, & Balding!
– Hard to Detox as it breaks down into TOXIC 4HNE, Malondialdehyde, & Acrolein.
– Most people do not detox properly or get the right minerals so they build up
Malondialdehyde in the body which may lead toward Balding

3. May Cause you Sunburns, Peeling, and Sensitive Skin!
– Skin Cells are made out of these Polyunsaturated Fatty acids which makes them weak,
Leaky, and prone toward oxidative damage of the skin.
– May also cause Lipofuscin = Skin spots / Dark Spots / Liver Spots

4. May affect your Mitochondria’s ability to make more energy (ATP) so you feel TIRED!
– Affects the Membrane permeability of Organelles and in the Mitochondrial
Membrane impairing the Electron Transport Chain. Disurpts Cardiolipin.

– Consumption of Seed Oils in the past 40 years have not reduced Heart Diseases,
Diabetes, or even make your life healthier.
– It may increase risk of Heart Disease as Seed Oils can Oxidize LDL turning into
Small Particle Ox-LDL leading to build up of Atheroslerotic Plaque!
– Good LDL is NOT Oxidized, bad LDL BECOMES Oxidized!

6. May Increases the risk of Alzheimer’s & Parkinsons Disease
– The body requires Saturated Fats, Monounasturated Fats, & Omega 3s to build
Healthy Cholesterol, Skin, Hormones, Membranes, Nerves, Brain Function, Vitamin
Transport, Cell Signaling.
– Instead Consume Coconut Oil, Tallow, olive oil, & Butter when cooking as they are stable.

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