Year-Round Grafting Method: APPROACH GRAFTING | Figs, Olives, Stone Fruit+

Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert for demonstrates learn how to way graft a number of sorts of fruit timber, particularly figs, apples, stone fruit timber & olives. This lesson focuses most commonly at the Approach Grafting strategies while the prior lesson used to be on Cleft Grafting strategies: #IVOrganic #Grafting #ApproachGrafting

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28 thoughts on “Year-Round Grafting Method: APPROACH GRAFTING | Figs, Olives, Stone Fruit+”

  1. Great lesson Charles..truly appreciate you going through all this to teach us. Since I probably won't be able to do the figs this yr. I have papaws , mulberry, and persimmon trees I may play around with with this technique. Thanks again be blessed and healthy to you and yours

  2. I have been grafting for a billion years… but you taught me approach grafting!!!… with 100% SUCCESS!!!… thank YOU!!! …it is especially!!! good for AVOCADO ! believeitornot! I did, and EVERY single one 'took'….!!!

  3. Do they make small one oz jars of the iv organic? My tree is tiny right now and I just have a tiny section I want to protect. If the can only lasts 2 weeks I would rather buy a tiny amount.
    Also…This leads me to question 2: in February I bought a baby Chicago fig. It tripled in size the first 2 months and I bought a bigger pot for it and put it outside now that it’s summer… but the tree hasn’t grown any further! What’s happening? Should I be worried?

  4. Very informative. Thank you Charlesfor sharing your knowledge. I'm a late starter growing figs. Hoping to get into your Feb 2020 cuttings giveaway.

  5. How do you take rust out of ground water ? Even after a. Hour the water turns murky we have well with a metal reservoir and also we are in Fla and can grow tropical plants. Can I graft plumirias or oranges and grapefruit the same way? Love your video s

  6. So if you're going to cut off one ther root stick and then later the grafted one why not cut it and tie it from the beginning? And what makes one get attached and feed off the other if you don't cut into either one if them? Thank you for your videos and your response

  7. Very interesting technique! I would like to try this grafting now June 2021 . The figs are nicely growing now. Would it work on soft wood parts of the figs?
    Or it is only applicable on hardwood part?

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